Monday, May 20, 2013

Daily Outfit: Inspired by a Video Game

Today I am dressed as a simple village girl in a patterned skirt, red slip, and blouse that I found in the Thrift Store Dumpster!  I added a brown headscarf, Betsey Johnson gingham tights, and vintage white shoes. 

I found this purse for 50 cents in the corner of a dusty thrift store, visions of a japanese video game cutscene of a girl standing at the edge of a forest, leaves falling and melancholy music playing filled my head... the little keychain of a wood sprite dances in the wind like a little puppet! 

My muse?  Cornet- the main character of the world's first musical RPG video game Rhapsody!  A simple peasant girl who can talk to puppets, play the horn, sing, cook and goes on an adventure to save the prince she loves!  I just started this game yesterday and love it!  It's a fairytale adventure filed with candy, witches, and song!

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