Monday, May 20, 2013

Daily Outfit: Squirrel Girl

Lately I have been inspired by the cutest forest creature of all - the squirrel!  As I wandered through the park collecting food, I wore a squirrel pattern shirt, acorn pin, brown shorts with gold & wood buttons, granola bracelets, and sensible shoes.  I took a bit of trail mix from my brown leather pouch and nibbled on it from time to time...

I made this acorn brooch from a toy I found lying around, glue and a pin back. The shirt was gathered at the Thrift Store Dumpster. I once read that squirrels are a symbol of resilience and adaptation in folklore...

I've been wearing these shoes for the past three centuries, it feels like... In another life I'm sure I had the same worn out brown leather feet walking the rocky path of a peasant for so long.  I'm so tired of walking, will I ever reach the castle door?

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