Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Daily Outfit: Typical Tuesday

shirt: my vintage white basic blouse
necklace: petrified wood charm on a chain w/ brass leaves, Target
slacks: vintage green, pleated & pressed
shoes: basic browns, c/o Target

What I wore to work on a Tuesday afternoon.  I was inspired by my ideas of how librarians would have dressed in the decades past, Nora Roberts’ Key Series (trio of women go on a Celtic quest to find the keys, one is a librarian, one spends too much on clothes), and my female co-worker’s high waisted pants. I scored these green dreams at Grammy’s Thrift for 50 cents!

I adored these pants because of this cute brass buckle on a green background, slightly Celtic but vintage and professional at the same time.  Even if they are scrunchy and baggy in the back….I don’t care, I’ll rock ‘em with confidence!

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