Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fall Fun in the Forest

Friends of the Forest, how was your fall this year?  Autumn has always been my favorite season and I
celebrated my fourth fall since I started blogging for the Forest.

Fall Favorites: driving around in the bug on cloudy days listening to great music and drinking pumpkin spice coffee with a custom reusable sleeve I made in October, taking the cats for nature walks, hanging out in the motherlode book loft after work & on my break working in my craft room bundled up on cold days, decorating the library for fall, shelving in the library petting squirrels through the glass windows, making needlepoint presents, debuting the Forest’s fall collection at the swap meet, living in a small town where everyone recognizes you from the library when you’re running errands, cute crafts at the library, video game marathons with Ol’ R & Jesse, thrifting, hanging with Kayla in the spooky woods, searching for supplies in the field, baking and stocking my kitchen with forest foods, brown sugar, cinnamon, and garlic.  pumpkin couscous for dinner when i get off work, working on the new blog, mustard yellow yarn,spending time with family and friends, cats in sweaters, curling up with a good book, and the changing colors of the leaves.

Check out my article on patch.com for my library’s fall programming!
Last year’s fall articles from the Forest:

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