Monday, May 20, 2013

Disney Princess from Another Dimension

Once upon a dream, I walked around my cottage cleaning up books, gel pens, candy wrappers, jewels, clothes, tarot cards, cords, stickers, toys, glitter dust, empty bottles, suitcases, and cd cases. I really felt like a Disney Princess™ come to life. That's what everyone said whenever I wore the enchanted dress I found thrown out by the dumpster at The Lord's Closet. It was beautiful, so short it barely fit me, a burst of magenta, pale electric green, purple and black tulle over a sillky smooth pink slip, a spiderweb corset bodice that made my boobs look huge and puffy princess sleeves that really started to make my arms itch at the end of the day, but I didn't even care. The back had to be fastened with velcro that didn't stay shut, so I added a row of safety pins in an artistic manner to keep it closed and just slip it on or off. To top it all off, a trippy Alice in Wonderland necklace that's fun to look at dangles on a chain and doubles as a hypnotic device...

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