Monday, May 20, 2013


I need to get my own fairytale story. I can change this book with the power to write. Once upon a time, a girl lived in a forest. She played with her friends the cats, unicorn, white rabbit, deer, birds, butterflies and squirrels.... It's finally fall and suddenly I'm going for bike rides in the woods, cooking organic meals, reading, checking the mail, waking up early to drink tea and write, dyeing things(like my hair green) in my cauldron, decorating my room, filing my nails into sharp claws, watching movies, planning for Halloween, going to night school, visiting the library, turning fantasy into reality, playing outside, making friends and anticipating change. I want to move to Oregon, it truly is the forest on earth. Trees are everywhere, berries grow in abundance, there is an Enchanted Forest Theme Park, a miniature Hollywood, and towns like Salem and Portland to explore. Did I mention the gloomy grey weather? Most people want sunshine, I prefer clouds. School is cool. I never wanted to go to college, preferring my philosophies of self-education, but I decided to get some formal studying in graphic design, websites, and video game programming. Of course, I'm still doing freeschool and my Divination 101 class is available on The Forest. Check it out...Also, my cat had Virgo kittens! Anyone want one???

I got marked with a apple button tattoo courtesey of my talented friend Shelby. I love that I got it done by a local artist I respect. The symbol means alot to me on so many different levels. Forbidden fruit, vamprism, addiction, fashion, music and technology. The shape was based on the Apple logo.

The House of Night is a school for vampires. Check out the lessons, rituals &spells.

Snow, Glass, Apples by Neil Gaiman is a snow white fairytale with a vampire twist!

Disney Porn, perfect for pixie perverts. Defenitly not safe for work.

Skogsra sells beautiful feather creations, I want one!

Forest Blue is the cool new secret society. Join us...

Read Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer.

One day, I will find the Lost Forests shop. This place is incredible!

Enter an Enchanted Forest and meet your power animal...

In other news, I am now an official nonpareil!

How was your week, my silent friend?

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