Monday, May 20, 2013

Forest Finds

Hello everyone!  Now that I've finally got a chance to update, I'd like to share some of my thrifting treasures from yesterday...

Owl Buisness Card Display:  Finally!  A cute holder for my blogging buisness cards!  Found at one of my favorite local thrift haunts, the Corner Store.

Squirrel Embroidery Art: A cute piece of forest folk art featuring a squirrel munching on a green acorn... looks like candy! 

Peter Pan Ceramic Sculpture: Made in Japan in the 50's, a cute chipped Peter Pan statue I'll put on my desk...

Bambi Mug: Nothing's better with breakfast than berry tea...except berry tea in a Bambi mug, of course!

The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin: I've got a collection of forest fairytales and fables on my bookshelf.  When I see a cute book I just have to get it for my library.

Mushroom Salt Shaker: Found at the Lord's Closet, a quaint little thrift shop in which I used to work...I noticed that the Dainty Squid has the same ones!

Jeffrey Campbell Heels: I found these adorable brown vintage shoes for less than ten cents at a rumamge sale!

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