Monday, May 20, 2013

Forest of Photos

Dear readers,  I'm so sorry everyone for my lack of posts and comments.  I think part of this is to blame on my addiction to books.  Yes, I must confess I've got at least 15 checked out right now and when I get home from work, I find myself lost in a fantasy world, my memories and concerns fade away and I wonder what it was I even had to do in the first place as I get sucked into a world of fiction...

There is good news, however.  I drove down the highway on an enchanted carraige and took a ride around the lake.  I've saved up my wages,  now I just need to find a good car.  I'm looking for a small camper van, any good leads? 

After every storm, there is a rainbow with a pot of gold waiting at the end.  When Jesse and I walked outside after the storm and saw this rainbow,  it looked like it led to the thrift store...

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