Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Blog Birthday!

Can you believe The Forest has seen three fall seasons come and go? Way back in 2007, I was just starting to get into the forest lifestyle wearing homemade clothes,  making music, cooking, and playing in the trees.  I knew not then that I was in for a wild ride through the woods... I met a boy named Jesse, a fellow adventurer on a quest.  We were living in true fairytales.  We lost our way and found a cottage where we drank a magic potion that sent us to another world!  We had many adventures in the forest, exploring enchanted castles, making magic, dumpster diving Disney couture, watching fireworks at a powwow.  I got a diploma in Tarot Reading and worked as a freelance fortune teller in a tent on the forest front lawn.  I was slaving away like Cinderella...Eventually, a dream came true!  I moved into a small cottage right next door to Jesse...Things were going great... we both enrolled in school and worked hard.  I found treasure chests filled with prizes, rode around the forest on a unicorn, met Doe Deere, frolicked with the fairies, and even wandered into a mad tea party!  Now, I'm almost ready to set off on a true quest.  Through I'm working at the local library, I'm saving up for that enchanted caravan, a cottage on wheels that I can use to travel the Oregon Trail...Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  A new chapter in The Forest is about to unfold...

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