Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Halloween

It's already November 1st! Where has the season gone? Last night I converted my garage into a haunted house feautring a trippy maze of lights, fortune-teller's booth, creepy kitchen with Witch's Brew, haunted nursery full of dummies, spooky sounds recorded my friends and I recorded, and a halloween garden! I was going to make a video, but my camera died at the last minute... My friends Kim and Josh dressed up as old people, I was a vampire fairy and Jesse went as a englishman that got captured by a tribe in the jungle and converted to their way of life. We drank haunted house wine, ladytron and placebo were on in the background and we played with the Enchanted Forest Spirit Board! The Halloween scene was so dead around here, we only found three houses giving out candy! What is with this town?! Next year, I'll be somewhere else...

Halloween Hangover- the morning after a binge of all night intoxication and candy.

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