Monday, May 20, 2013

Leading a Double Life: Librarian by Day, Forest Fairy by Night!

Ever since I got hired at my local library as a Page of Books, I've had trouble juggling my work with my "real" work, blogging and making art.  I try to look on the bright side: I'm like a superhero, living two lives. 

By day, I'm mild mannered Ariel Grimm, the girl who works at the library:

My work style has to be toned down due to dress codes, but I still try to show what I love.  Deep forest greens, tarnished golds, and earthy browns dominate my color palette.   Vintage, glasses, brown leather shoes, brooches, cardigans, granny dresses, vests, and old books are essential elements to the forest librarian look.

By night (and my days off), I transform into Ariele Grymmwood, a fairy of the forest:

When I can really express myself, my style is wilder on my days off.   I like to look otherwordly with the help of  leaves, glitter, animals, wood, elf ears, accessories, costumes, fairy wings, flowers, and clothes dyed green.  I wear dramatic makeup and dress in character.  I wish I could be this version of myself all day, alas, work restricts personal style...

What about you, friends of the forest?  How do you balance the two sides of yourself in work and life?

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