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Meet the Mori Girls...the Forest Subculture of Japan

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Once upon a time, three years ago in Japan two friends were hanging out dressing in a fairytale layered DIY style when one said to the other "You look like you belong in a forest." (My friend told me the same thing!) Thus, the Mori Girl movement in Japan was started...They say all ideas stem for a collective unconsciousness at the same time in many places across the universe.  If that's true, I am so trippin right now!  As many readers of this blog may recall, three years ago I went on a vision quest where I saw The Forest and started to eat, breathe, live and dress accordingly. 

Mori translates to Forest in japanese, and many of these girls spend their time knitting, journaling, haunting secondhand book stores and walking through the woods.  Here in America, I spend my time making hemp jewelry, writing in my witch's notebook, and haunting thrift stores!  The Mori style is based on delicate laces, frills, layers, antique and DIY elements.  Girls in the subculture often make a forest in cyberspace with blogs and online profiles dedicated to their relaxed lifestyles. 

While my interpretation of Forest Fashion is all about artifice meeting the natural, bringing fantasy to reality, and sometimes surreal and bright; The Japanese counterpart is much more natural and true to the Forest.  I for one, am soo inspired!  How to dress with the magic of Mori?  Add brown leather, vintage and lots of layers!

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  1. Japanese women look nice mostly because of how they dress!

    Japanese women try so hard to be looked nice and more like models on the magazines but no t so much by working out to have an actual nice toned body but by dressing up and make-up. You may be able to see a lot of Japanese women in the major cities go to the gym regularly but not so much in suburb areas. Japanese women are typically small and thin already, but a lot of them still want to be thinner to be like a runaway model. Anyway, the point here is that they know how to dress nice that match with their thin figures but still sexy. A lot of men are attracted by their look with those clothes on.

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