Monday, May 20, 2013

Daily Outfit: The White Hatter

The March Hare has arrived!  Did you remember to say "Rabbit, rabbit" when you awoke?  Hehe, today I woke up early and drank a cup of coffee, put on my new white tutu that I snagged for a song at the Corner Store, my violet corset (it's my armor), black & white tights, ballet slippers, a clock purse and a white magician's hat. 

I hopped on my bicycle and rode to my friend's homes to deliver invitations for my 20th Birthday Topsy Turvy Tea Party on March 27th!  A wonderland theme for a wonderful month... Ruben joined us for a journey through the meadow and to the store, where a kind old man said I looked so cute he oughta buy me an ice cream.  So he did!  A double scoop of cotton candy in a cone...

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