Monday, May 20, 2013

Searching for Supplies in the Forest!

Into the forest I go,
to get the materials
to make the crafts
to get the money
to buy the land in the forest.

I love wandering the woods searching the forest floor for supplies.  Just me and my basket, picking up interesting things along the way...
It's better than thrifting, the forest gives so much freely!  Going off the beaten path is where you'll find the true treasures...
When gathering wood, be on the watch for: acorns, pinecones, sticks, logs, hollow twigs, moss covered bark, unusual specimens, ect...
Be careful when handling mushrooms, carry a bottle of hand sanitizer in your basket and use it after handling them.
When I return to camp, I like to lay out all my finds on the supply stump, then pull out a bottle of wood glue and go wild!

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