Monday, May 20, 2013

Sew Cute

I recently re-discovered my lifelong love of sewing. 

I've been sewing stuffed animals in a toy workshop and getting paid for it. Sitting in the sweatshop for eight long hours a day cutting up fabric & stiching up the seams until my fingers are blistered.  I hope I don't prick my finger on a needle... It's hard work, but I honestly love my new job! 

On Thimble Island where pincushion elves sew clothes for fairies...  Little creatures offer encouragement and inspiration patiently as I pin down the patterns even after my working day is done, working swiftly to make a new outfit for the next day... I've been sewing buttons, patches and charms on everything I own! 

Wood & thread are two of my favorite elements. Sitting back in my little rocking chair sewing and listening to my favorite music can be very relaxing...but sometimes I feel like my own personal seamstress, exhausted and hurrying to finish a piece before my mistress gets angry!

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