Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Style Statement

Forest scouts, ranger, vintage, canoeing, vintage summer dress, wood grain, brown/green/blue, foxy, squirrely, raccoony, bears, brown leather shoes, gold or brass jewelry, practical clothes for going hiking, vintage hiking boots, camp, girl scouts, military items repurposed into forest fashions (getting militant about saving the forest) trees, redwoods, summer vacation in the forest, 50's tourism of the forest, elf ears, brown hair, green hair, smokey the bear, forest student, forest explorer, patches, pins, buttons, backpacker, bag full of the essentials to survive in the woods, diy,
Mountains, lakes, rivers and woodland themes.  Brown hair with teal tips.  Wood grain nails, tents, compass necklaces, the green backpack, wood, camp friendship bracelets, granola, hemp, vintage Smokey the Bear, Pocahontas, native american inspired, rope, river nymphs, mermaids, vintage tourist, suitcases, a brown leather camera case, otters, bleaching your hair wrapped in tinfoil over an open campfire, adventures ...

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