Monday, May 20, 2013

The 20th Birthday Topsy Turvy Tea Party

I just turned 20 on March 27th!  To celebrate, I had a party in the backyard of my forest, the park!  I set up an enchanted tea table in the Sacred Circle of Trees.  We had berry tea, cookies, cupcakes, puckerooms, candy bracelets, and tiny peanut butter & jelly sanwhiches cut into shapes of trees and spades.  A portable DVD player and a copy of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, two tents set up! (one for a hookah lounge, the other a tarot reading tent)

I was so exited, I went home and got ready for the birthday with a special dress I made.  My dear friend Emilio bought me a gypsy fairytale dress as a yard sale, I dyed it violet and sewed a big amethyst lipgloss jewel on.  I wore my glass slippers for the last time, purple rings, a teacup ring, a headband I made with a bow I found, and Airborne Unicorn lipstick!  I'm not a fairy, but I need more than this life so I became this creature representing more to you than just another girl, and if I had a chance to change my mind I wouldn't for the world...I grabbed my iPod and put on 'Fairytales by Bambee', hopped on my unicorn and rode to the park to make my grand entrance...

The guests were of the mixed-bag variety.  All of my best friends were there, everyone I love.  The only guest who regretably could not come, was my cat Kitty.  Even some people I just met that day wandered over, a girl with a mad Hatter blanket and her friends... It was so wonderful to catch up with everyone new and old...

I'm a little schoolgirl in my daydreams, lighting up the candles one by one.  Blowing out my candles, Wake up now!  What did I wish for?  An enchanted chariot car, crystal-clear camera, & a Once Upon a Fairytale trip around Germany!  I will make these things happen this year.  I was overwhelmed with love and gifts on my birthday, including: a dollhouse, charms, Alice in Wonderland Tea, a custom sign for my divination buisness, a light up mushroom, The Brothers Grimm DVD, a wonderland pop-up book, princess picture frame, The Real Witch's Handbook, The Sims Makin' Magic, pantyhose, money, The Witch's Bible, a crescent mirror, an industrial grade tea dispenser, a teepee, a forest faraway friendship necklace, Maurice Sendack's Animated Tales, toy castles, art supplies, a cinderella cell phone ( I can finally tweet on the go!) beauty potions from real witches, an Alice in Wonderland DVD, candy, little silver tea pots, wonderland fabric, Choward's Violet Mints (my favorite candy of all time!), Tinkerbell school supplies set, and so much more!

The afternoon went from good to MAD when an evil swamp troll showed up and offered me a sip of a most potente potion.  One drink later, I was in a fantasy world... Damn that trickster!  I'm living in a fairytale, oh boy, am I really dreaming I don't know, if I really am don't wake me up, I don't ever want this dream to stop!  I'm just so thankful to be alive and 20 years young, I just can't wait to start living my dreams even more! I want to start anew. I am truly grateful to be blessed with the energy and support of those around me...  I can stroll confidently into my 20's knowing who I am and what I want, leave the past behind me...

To top it all off, a birthday wish come true!  I was a featured futurette for Team Candyfuture, check it out on Doe Deere's Blogazine!

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