Monday, June 17, 2013

Forest Faves Friday

I like playing games and I like learning about the forest.  If you’re a student who wants to learn more about sustainable forest management, I feel the game Forestia is like a mini-course on the subject.

photo by aspen
I found a forest friend online- Aspen Evergreen!  She has a Resource for Sylvan Folk that sum up perfectly what it means to be a forest girl!  “Who are the Dryad Girls?  A close cousin of the Japanese Mori Girls, with less emphasis on the overtly conventional feminine a-line wispiness and laces and more focus on bold, natural colourings.”  She also runs a Forestlings blog full of inspiring photos!   Keep an eye on these blogs, I can’t wait until her site has an online forum!

I’ve been getting into vintage romance comics these days.  I download them from the Digital Comic Museum and load them onto my e-reader.  My favorites are the stories about a girl who marries a forest ranger and goes to live in the woods but hates it, then learns to like it.  Although they kind of tick me off, too, since I wish I could live in the forest free of charge!

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