Monday, June 17, 2013

The Summer Specimen Collection

When I had nothing to do this summer, I pulled out my old collection box and added some new things in.  I love collecting forest specimens and samples and often dream of opening my own museum of forestry!  For now, I have…
a wishbone, porcupine needles, mushrooms, a clay tooth, sweetgum leaves, a seed pod, pinecone, rocks, a grasshopper, acorn, moss, pokeyball, feather, twig, bone, and a fake bear fang.
I found most of this stuff in my front yard or on random camping trips.  I found the grasshopper under my blankets one morning, as Twoface (my cat) had brought it to me as a “gift”.  The clay tooth and bear fang I made when Jesse and I went to a science museum.

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