Monday, June 3, 2013

Forest Finds: Scouting Out the Squirrels

I found a stash of squirrels at the local thrift shops, yard sales and more these past few weeks…
Here are my favorite finds:
A vintage field guide and ceramic squirrel at the newest thrift shop in town, Thriftique!
When I went in the owners said “We were wondering when you would find us!”
  Apparently I’m something of a thriftin’ VIP in my hometown… (if you ever come to Lake Elsinore, I will take you on a thrift tour!)

 I have my thrift scouts on the front lines, finding the most foresty knickknacks to bring back to me.  Ol’ R,
my boyfriend’s dad, found this squirrel planter  at a yard sale for a quarter and sold it to me for 50 cents!
I now use it to store my tools.

Last but not least, I found a brand new never-before-opened official Home Depot squirrel feeder kit.It was so hillbilly, I just had to buy it!
  Finally, something to store my Squirrel Feed in (recipe coming soon!)

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