Monday, June 3, 2013

Missing the Motherlode

The Motherlode really made my part of town fun.  I worked at the library across the field from this plaza, and I’ll always remember
the fun times I had hanging at the coffee shop with Neil, selling my crafts at their parking lot swap meet, and thrifting
on my lunch break!  I got some of my favorite forest finds here…

My favorite thing about the Motherlode was their book loft!  So many memories…the time I had my 1 year anniversary of being a librarian impromptu party there, convincing Neil to start a ‘Forestry’ shelf, talking about starting a book club…

The shop had tons of secret passageways and hidden rooms.  Here is a shot of Neil in his lookout office…
ah the good old days when we were all
 young professionals!

The owners would always greet me with a smile and a good deal on a forest figurine.  They knew my love for vintage dresses, books and ceramic creatures and always gave me a discount!  I’m so sad that the shop is closing, but perhaps they will find a better location.  Either way, the town plaza will never be the same without them!

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