Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Forest Freebie Forager

Hi forest friends, I've decided to start a new feature on this blog dedicated to roundups of free samples I scavenged on the internet.  I am an extreme free samples and get many.  You can be sure that each offer is handpicked by me, and are eco-friendly and green.  

Free samples for the week of 6-17 to 6-24

Free Seeds from Burt's Bees - to help bees thrive, a free bag of wildflowers will be sent to your home

Free Bird Identification Kit - a small kit that will help you identify and observe urban birds

Free Reusable Bag at Staples - a printable coupon (or show on your mobile device) for a free eco-friendly bag.  Better use it if you get it!

Free Peta Kids Kit- a vegetarian and animal rights kit that has a magazine and some stickers.

Freebie Forager Pro Tip: Download an autofill app on your computer browser or smartphone, it will make filling out forms as easy as the click of a mouse!

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