Monday, June 17, 2013

Ten tips for Folk Blogging

  I have read many blogs over the years that offer tips on blogging with the same old advice: post regularly, take great photos, do guest posts, ect.  Well, I say the rules were made to be broken.  Folk bloggers of the forest, here is a list of blogging tips for the rest of us!

1. Post what you want, when you want. Forget about schedules, post formats, ect. Who says you must update every day and have a specific format of posts. It’s YOUR BLOG after all.

2. Be nice to your readers. Without them, you don’t have a blog you have a diary. Reply to questions and comments on your blog. Don’t be stuck up.

3. Don’t be afraid to post less than perfect parts of your life on your blog. One thing that makes a blog inspirational to me is seeing the blogger go from “rags to riches” or knowing they deal with problems too and overcome them in their own awesome way.

4. Daily outfits don’t have to be an advertisement. If you don’t have clothes from or you thrifted the clothes and can’t provide a link, post anyway. I have gotten great deals on clothes for under a dollar, and posted them on this blog. I like showing people that you can have great style on a budget.

5. Don’t get into blogging  just to be famous or get rich. I have recently realized that I don’t want to have this blog to make money (aside from selling cheap ad space just to pay hosting fees) I blog for fun, to have an online scrapbook, to inspire others to be forest and make friends with common interests.

6. Don’t be a braggart blogger. If there’s one type of blog I can’t stand, it’s the one where all the blog is just pictures of the person’s outfits, house, and what they bought when they went shopping. Blatant materialism turns me off. However, it’s ok to mix these articles in as long as you post real blog content, quality articles, well written inspiration and tips (or just diary entries about your day).

7. Take the best photos you can. Even if you don’t own your own home and have perfectly painted walls for a background or live next door to a forest, even if you don’t own a top of the line DSLR camera you can still try your best taking photos for your blog. As long as you do, they will be perfect for you.

8. If you want to write about a great day you had or something on your mind and don’t have a picture, post anyway. Not every post has to have a corresponding picture, although it does add flair.

9. Don’t feel like everything has to fit with your brand image, if you love the country look but went on a trip to the city, blog about it. If you love the outdoors but also play video games, it’s ok to post about it. No matter what you do, your style will shine through.

10. Give small blogs a chance. The big name blogs are already so well known, posting them on your site will just give them more power over the blogosphere. If you discover a new blog give them a chance, mention them on your blog, leave them some comments. Who knows, one day that “nobody blog” might be the top blogger on the internet!

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