Monday, June 17, 2013

Friendly Forest Service Announcement: Please Do Not Feed the Animals

Do not, I repeat, do not feed the animals!  I took this photo of an obese squirrel when we went camping at La Jolla last year.  It is a pretty popular place, so the squirrels there were always finding scraps and junk food that probably wasn’t very good for them.  “The squirrels are nice!  They eat marshmallows right out of your hand!” the kids next to our campsite chirped.  Now, I don’t mind taking nuts and berries and scattering them in the field for hungry squirrels to find themselves but we all know it’s frowned upon to feed squirrels junk food directly.  It makes them rely on humans for food instead of their natural instincts.  It also brings out a mean side.  I observed that the squirrel in the photo was taking all the food he found and stuffing himself while a skinny little squirrel couldn’t get any food.   Now that’s not nice.  So remember, friends of the forest: Please, do not feed the animals.

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