Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Forest Librarian Reccomends: Best Camping Books

So I never understood why people think summer is the best time for camping.  It's hot and the bugs are in full swing!  I'd rather camp in autumn, however August is right between summer and fall so it's a good time to go camping.  To get inspired, here's a list of my favorite camping books:

 Let's Get Primitive - The Urban Girl's Guide to Camping by Heather Menicucci is a pretty cool, witty book directed towards city gals (I'm not one).  I got this book when i worked at the library and this guy brought in some books to donate, I saw this and said "Wow, this book looks cool!"  He said I could have it...  This book is full of ideas, crafts, recipes, illustrations, playlists, and more!  I couldn't ask for a better camping book for this modern world...

A vintage book I picked up at a thrift store, the Golden Book of Camping is filled with color illustrations, diagrams, and everything a good scout needs to know for a successful camping trip!

Backcountry Betty: Roughing it in Style by Jennifer Worick is part of the Backcountry Betty series of craft books, and this one focuses on camping.  I checked it out multiple times at the library and it had some pretty decent tips, crafts, and recipes.  It's worth a read.

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