Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Forest Fantasy Roadtrip

Even though we're in August now, there's still enough time for one more summer road trip! Here's my roundup of the best roadside attractions in Southern California with forest flair...Sadly, some of these places are now defunct, but it is still fun to imagine what they were like in their heyday.

My adventure would start out at the Bigfoot Lodge in LA where I would meet up with all my forest friends and we would sip drinks with names like the girl scout cookie and Smokey's secret moonshine.  We'd dress like hunters in green flannel shirts and possibly find a nearby thrift shop to buy a trophy buck head!  I even saw this place in some movie...

After that, we'd go to Clifton's Cafe, where I already went for my 21st birthday.  They have a new bar, maybe soon they will have live music too?  Wouldn't it be great to catch a forest band there?  The food ain't that forest, but this place has the coolest atmosphere.  Amazing photo opportunities.

We'd have to get gas sooner or later at the Petrified Wood Station.  Gosh, why can't all gas stations look this cool?  And if they converted cars to run on veggie oil (or perhaps petrified wood oil...) & served it up here it'd be perfect!

We would stop at the Stump Cafe in     just to see what it's like...
I'm stumped thinking of a description for this one.
We would stop at the ol' Hoot Hoot I Scream parlor and order a forest cone: chocolate cone with mint, chocolate, and pistashio ice cream or a dark green mint choco scoop with heaps of muddy bears atop a chocolate cone. 

Stop to look at the one log house, made from a felled redwood tree, then hike the surrounding redwoods.

Mushrooms cafe had better serve up some mushroom dishes or I'll be disapointed after driving this far...

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