Friday, September 27, 2013

Forest of Photos: Last Leaves Fall...

Well forest friends, in just three days I will be bidding adieu to summer and saying hello to autumn.  I'm enjoying the last of the green leaves.  I had to take a series of macro photographs for my photography's cliche but for one of my photos I took an extreme close up of a leaf, one of my favorite subjects.


Ol R' got me some miniature squirrels from a yard sale, I made a ring with one.  I've got one left, saving it for a special project...
We've just been enjoying the nice cool weather and making music together.  I don't play many major instruments (just panpipes, tambourine, bongos, ect...) but I write great songs and Jesse can play any instrument and sound like a composer....I keep trying to get him to play more so we can start a boyfriend-girlfriend band...we have a few songs written and can get a gig easily....we just want to make more..

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