Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Favorite Forest Games for Nintendo DS

Well friends of the forest, you know I love a good video game at the end of the day!  I like being able to explore a virtual forest since I can't always go on huge adventures like I used to.  My favorite system will always be the Nintendo DS!  Here are a few of my favorite forest games for the DS...

Ecolis: Save the Forest is a cute strategy game where you have to rally an army of squirrels to defend the forest!  This game is best for little kids.

Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures is from the makers of Cooking Mama, only this time you go camping.  You play through several levels and worlds earning badges, crafting, and decorating your campsite.  This is a very casual game best for people who want to play in 15 minute bursts.

Etrian Odyssey is for the hardcore forest gamers .  You must play through a forest labyrinth, mapping your way with cartographer's tools and fighting rpg battles with a team you create.  

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