Thursday, January 16, 2014

Build a Bike Shed!

I've always wanted to own a house on wheels. Not an RV, not a trailer, not even a VW bus, but a little wooden caravan cottage I could pull with my bike (or two). I wanted to build one on a pallet, but my only problem is finding a hitch. Until I can obtain one, I decided to build a little storage shed over my bike's baskets. The shed opens with two barn doors to some shelves and a false bottom so I can throw in cans I find in the baskets then use the top shelves for groceries, dumpster diving trips, ect...

Since the bike is so awesome now, I decided to add a tiny pack of battery operated lights around the main frame. I got the lights at the Dollar Tree. Add a bottle of french water and blast the Amelie soundtrack on my bike's speakers and I'm ready for a night on the town!

I even added a chalkboard bumper so I can write whatever I want on different days: my blog url, granola for sale, go green, or whatever I feel like! Well bye, friends of the forest! If you see me around the woods let's stop and have a picnic!

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