Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Favorites: Books & Bikes

this whimsical print by Anna Emilia Laitinen gives me inspiration for my future bike caravan!

A cute cross-stitch by Paisley Mouse Handmade
Anyone who plays Animal Crossing will get this reference...

Mary Poppins has always been a huge inspiration to me, she can turn any situation into a magical time!
 I wish I could locate this book somewhere, I can't even find it online!

Can I go live in this picture?  Bikes, books, and a forest park are definitely on my agenda for this weekend!

At the Monkey's Paw in Toronto, Canada

This is a machine that sells books in Canada, wow if my local laundrymat had one of these instead of those soap dispensers, I'd go there more often... Hmm I wonder if Kayla could go here, she lives in Canada...

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