Friday, February 28, 2014

February in Review: February Forest

Friends of the Forest, February went by in a flash!  
Loving this month:  candy, collections, cookin & craftin, playing with the kitties, green lipstick, vintage television sets, dumpster dived lingerie, french, leaf and herb bouquets, garden gazebos,  being hand-me-down household on our street, scrapbooking, sitting side by side at night as we share a nightcap of brandy and I cross stitch to 50's tv shows, going to the movies, being a girl on a bicycle, picnics, green herb enchiladas, mycology, playing tennis, walking in the woods listening to woods, the wind, flowers, mint, spinach, reading vintage romance comics and green arrow, lounging in a brown easy chair under a tree while the cats play and i journal, wood, squirrels, inspiration, rainy days, mushroom pillows, writing songs, treasure hunting, brown velvet butterflies, animal crossing, rune factory 4, new records, vintage books about pastoral lives, making berry muffins on a cloudy day being lazy in a tie dye shirt, jumping off stumps to fly like mary poppins with a brown bird umbrella...

Went out to the forests and parks more often this month to collect specimens...

We got a new (to us!) television set that was left on the side of the road by neighbors throwing it out....It is a wooden console with intricate carving, knobs, and can play youtube!  It is color too but I can adjust the knobs to make anything black & white if I want... It also provided a perfect place for my ceramic critter collection...

Started growing our crops: potatoes, spinach, mushrooms and berries!  Basically, all the staple forest foods...

February Films I Watched:
Girl on a Bicycle
Winter's Tale
Paris, je t'aime
Inside Llewyn Davis

New Songs I Discovered:
Tree of Love - Don Sharp
Petrified Forest - Cass McCombs
Underneath the Sycamore - Death Cab for Cutie
Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow - Strawberry Alarm Clock
Lemon Tree - Peter, Paul & Mary
Plant Life - Owl City

Blogs I Found:
Lazy Saturdays
Petal and Plume
Adventures of Ebony 
Cronicas de Fadas

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