Thursday, February 13, 2014

Green Valentine's Day Projects

Valentine's Day can be a very wasteful holiday.  All that pink plastic junk that comes around every year ends up as trash anyways.  This year, if you love the forest, consider going green with your celebration.  Here are three projects that are very simple and low (or no) cost...

Make gingerbread cookies and use a wood grain rubber stamp or clean piece of bark to imprint a woodgrain pattern.  Add a mint leaf for accent and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar...

For a forest valentine's day manicure, just use brown nail polish and add tiny leaves that resemble hearts (often found on small wildflowers) They look just like the leaf heart cards you can make too!

Now for decor.  I used a few branches that were already piled up in the backyard to make an 'X'.  The branches were secured in shape with wire.  I added an old wreath to make an 'XO' decoration.  I'll just pack this in a holiday box after Valentine's Day and re-use it each year!

Everyone loves conversation hearts on February 14th, right?  Well I don't, they're too sugary for my taste, so I used some wooden hearts I had in my craft stash with rubber stamps to make wood conversations hearts.  Just put them in an old conversation heart box covered in brown paper and give it to someone as a gift!

Make a custom faux bois candy box using supplies you can get at the 99 cent store!  A generic candy box, wood grain con-tact paper, and scrapbooking stickers can become a customized box to re-use every year.  They're just perfect for storing homemade chocolate leaves in!

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