Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Showers Bring Forest Flowers...

April went by really fast for me, friends of the forest.  I took a mini vacation from blogging, as last month left me drained.  I do a lot more than just run this blog, running a household is a full time job as well!  Things that were awesome this month include getting new clothes, binge watching Daria, organic meals, playing Legend of Zelda, harvesting tons of potatoes from our garden, playing with my cool cats, having a tiny village on my desk, rainbows, crystals, bears, trips out of town, wandering around bookstores, writing, taking photographs, impromptu picnics at the park, french films, going to the theater sneaking in gourmet cheese, bread, and a miniature bottle of wine, mushroom sushi, foraging fields, cleaning my craft area, getting tickets (for movies, trains, concerts...), forest-themed candies, my stamp collection, just living life to the forest!

Fun Films
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Away We Go
Fuck for Forest

New Songs Discovered
April Come She Will - Simon & Garfunkel
Whispering Grass (Don't Tell the Trees) - The Ink Spots
Teddy Bear's Picnic - Bing Crosby
Something Green - Grizzy Bear
Birds in my Tree - Strawberry Alarm Clock
April Showers - Al Jolson

Cool New Blogs
Squirrel Picnic I don't crochet, but I love how this blog combines comics and crocheting!
Mamabee and Oily My local friend started a blog about organic living!
Picnics in the Park Cool little blog about a cool little family

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  1. It definitely flew by! But I'm glad to hear that despite all the work around the house(I agree, by the way!) you still had time to do some fun things as well:)