Thursday, May 22, 2014

Daily Outfit: May Flowers. Mushrooms & Herbs

Today was a nice day.  The sky was cloudy, the moss was green, and the flowers were bright bursts of yellow.  I spent most of the day tending to our garden, collecting herbs, and pressing flowers.  Jesse and I went on a walk to the park to pick ivy to transplant into our backyard, when I noticed that the ivy was trailing up a grey tree going from dark green to light, just like my outfit.  Funny when life imitates art, isn't it?  

A handmade mushroom necklace since I sometimes gather mushrooms on my foraging trips...

My friend Bree gave me this skirt, I noticed it looked just like our squash plants, dark green leaves with bright buttery yellow blossoms.  We like to eat them stuffed with cheese or at breakfast with eggs.

When I work in the garden, I tend to just wear wooden clogs since I can clean them easily...

Gathered big bunches of rosemary to make soap, satchels, and a little project I plan to share next week...


  1. Are those Snow White socks? Love them!

  2. Why thank you, forest friends. I've made several of those mushroom necklaces and plan to list them in my etsy shop soon. Yep, the socks are from Hot Topic. I normally never shop there, it was a once in a blue moon splurge!

  3. Empress Mess ♥♥June 9, 2014 at 12:02 PM

    Love this outfit (especially the clogs)!