Friday, May 23, 2014

Foresty Friday is Finally Here!

This week was kind of crazy. Our entire street was being repainted and we had lots of workers coming and going.  Our room has a large glass wall facing with doors that lead to the backyard.  With so many people out in the yard, I kind of felt like an animal in a zoo.  Exhibit A of the forest blogger, if you will... 
 Oh well, it was still a wonderful week.  How was your week, friends of the forest?

Our door used to be light brown, and now it's a drab olive green.  As soon as we noticed it, Jesse, Ol' R and I all turned to each other and started singing "What's behind the green door?" by Jim Lowe, then busted out into laughter.

We went to the forest to escape; flying kites, running on logs, climbing trees...

Got a mysterious moose package from Ol' R.  Inside is a vintage moose bottle of perfume!

My friend Johnny gave me this awesome air command patch to add to my collection!

Reading green books is one of my favorite ways to unwind.  
As long as the plot has something to do with the forest, I'll read it!  

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