Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Forest Films: Vintage "Logger" Movies

Friends of the forest, I've got a new obsession!  Vintage logger movies from the 1930's and 40's.  These films are an interesting peek into how the logging industry used to be.  Wild, rough and rugged.  I love seeing the guys climb up the trees with their special equipment, logrolling down rivers, and riding the logs down the chutes (which is where the concept of a log ride came from)  These movies make me pine for a time when people worked the land, living in harmony with nature.  Here are my favorite films of the genre.

This movie came out in 1944.  It is a romantic film that tells the story of a guy who helps his dead best friend's wife with her failing lumber business.  They need the money quick, and to keep the company out of the hands of a conniving competitor.  The hollywood gals aren't used to working in the woods, but the guys prevail.  You know it's a good 40's film when the guy's sidekick is called squirrel.  This movie is available to watch free on youtube.com.

Spoiled rich kid gets sent to the lumber yards by his father hoping to give him a taste of hard work.  The boy goes to the forest and has to prove his worth to the brawny lumberjacks who laugh at this "park avenue logger"  He eventually finds a gal and saves the camp from a bad boss.  The movie was based on a short story that was published in a newspaper in the 30's.  This movie is also available on youtube.

This is the only movie on the list I haven't seen yet, but I want to!  Tukkipojan Morsian, or 'The Log-Roller's Bride' is a Finnish film that I can't find anywhere online!  Apparently "logger films" were a huge thing in the 30's and 40's in Finland.  The classifying characteristics of these movies are the sprawling shots of the loggers rolling down the river, the pastoral countryside, and folk songs.  Sigh.  I wish I could be a logroller's bride...

Well, friends of the forest, I hope you were inspired to check out this very intriguing genre of classic film.  What are your favorite foresty classics?

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