Monday, June 30, 2014

Junebugs Buzzing in the Forest...

When you start to see junebugs buzzing in the forest, you know summer has arrived!  This summer has been fun so far...We got to go to a local show at a friend's party, explore abandoned boats,  go to the lake, danced in the grass, watched 99 green balloons go by, Jesse dressed like a 1940's paparazzi photographer and discovered he likes taking pictures of bands, we sped down riverside drive in a vintage vw bug conversing with beatniks and punks blasting francois hardy, hacking video games (super forest world, pokemon forest, legend of forest, final forest, forestbound) green sailor stripes, dying my hair green, thrifting vintage books, going to slingshot pond, waterfalls, log rides, logging, logrolling, making official forest merchandise, going to amusement parks, vintage board games, getting my etsy shop re-stocked, nile monitor lizards, swimming, beating every zelda game, taking pictures, making apps, walking to tacos elsinore every monday and thursday, and having fun!

Movies Enjoyed:
The Forest Rangers
Documentaries About Abandoned Amusement Parks
Jersey Boys

Songs Enjoyed:
Sage - the Pinecones
Oldest Dance - Wendy McNeil
Rivers and Roads - the Head & the Heart
Pushing Oars - The Whispertown 2000
San Fransisco - Foxygen
Summer of Love - the Fresh & Onlys
Green and Gold - Lanterns on the Lake

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