Friday, September 5, 2014

Daily Outfit: Green Polka Dots & Cats

Happy friday, forest friends!  I'm finishing the week off with a lot of planning for next week's content, as well as working on various books I'm writing... I recently got this basic green polka dot dress and have been re-styling it several different ways.  This time I went for a cat-themed look.

I have a huge collection of gold animal pins with green eyes or accents, so I put on all my cats today

I painted my nails green with polka dots last night and decided to top the look off with my favorite watch, a cat chasing a mouse!  When I was taking these photos, my real cats were being so silly, so I made a little gif instead of posting all the outtakes...enjoy!


  1. Thanks mari! I finally got my room to s 'blog worthy' state. And the cats are the best decor, hehe.