Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Forest Phone

Inspired by Blue Eyed Night Owl's new phone post, I decided to share photos of my phone as well!  I bought a cheap smartphone last year and customized it since I couldn't find any cases for it!  I used woodgrain con-tact paper, scrapbooking scissors, stickers, and buttons to create a nice little design (anything but black plastic, ugh!).  I installed a woodgrain keyboard app and a nice background.  I even created my own app for The Forest blog, since I like seeing the little tree icon.


  1. I was so excited to come see what you did to your phone! It is so you! Very cute:)
    And I'm glad to hear about the keyboard apps. Just today I was thinking how boring my keyboard is. So I will definitely look into that as well! Keeping my fingers crossed for something pink and white, maybe cherry blossoms even… <3

  2. Thanks, it was fun doing phone posts. The only problem I have with the keyboard apps are that the ones I use tend to auto-correct alot. I hope you find a kawaii keyboard!