Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 is Going to be so Green!

The year flew by like a sparrow in the sky
I turned twenty four
but there's so much more
I'm growing old like an oak
is this some kind of joke?
well I wiped my hands clean
of the grass stains of 2013
and now I'm looking down the trail
at a new year I hope will go well
2015 is going to be so green
I will be leaner, cleaner, greener
and a whole lot less meaner

It is a new year today.  Last year I lived life to the forest, this year I want to get back to my roots as well as branch out.  Here are my goals and resolutions for the year:

master my antique sewing machine, record one song per week, sell more on my etsy shop, eat mostly forest foods, learn one word in three different languages a day, write at least once a week, craft one new thing a day, go on a daily bike ride, finish my play, and more goals I have in the back of my mind.  I tried not to set the bar too high this year. (last year I had a resolution to lose weight.  ha!)
I'm confident in my abilities to achieve these goals.  I hope my friends of the forest can accomplish whatever they set their hearts to this year, as well!

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