Monday, January 5, 2015

Tea Time!

I was recently tagged by a blogging buddy, Blue-Eyed Night Owl to do the tea tag challenge!  Thank you Laura, it was very fun filling out the survey and reading everyone else's challenges.  I felt like I was at a virtual tea party discussing these things with everyone!

What was the first kind of tea you ever had?
Probably green tea, as my mother is crazy about it and raised me to drink it.

Where is the best place to have tea - At home or in a coffee shop?
Definitely at home.  There aren't many coffee shops in my town other than Starbucks, I like being able to make it with my cute tea accessories.  I have an electric kettle in my room, so I don't even have to go to the kitchen for tea!

Do you prefer hot or cold tea?
I actually love cold tea in the summer, and enjoy making a big batch to drink all day.

When do you drink tea - Morning, afternoon or evening?
Anytime is tea time!

What is your go-to tea?
Green.  I'm also very fond of berry teas.

What is your favourite seasonal tea?
Jesse and I love the pumpkin spice and apple cider teas that come out in autumn.

What do you put in your tea?
Honey, honey!

Do you prefer your tea strong or weak?
A bit weak for green tea.  I have a sensitive stomach.

How did you get started in the wonderful world of teas?
I grew up with a tea-loving mother!  She still sends me new teas to try around holidays...

What kind of tea are you most keen to try?
More ceremonial teas foraged from forest herbs.

What is the worst tea you've ever tasted?
Gunpowder tea.  I just can't/  It's so strong.

Do you prefer loose tea or teabags?

Teabags, since I lost my tea steeper :(

Teacup or mug?
Mugs, mugs, mugs!  I own too many cute ones...

Best night-time tea?
Sleepytime tea by Celestial Seasonings brings back memories of coziness.

What is the number one tea you would recommend?
Yerba Mate.  It is a rainforest tea brewed in South America traditionally drunk from a gourd.


  1. That was fun! And a big yes to pumpkin spice;) Haha, yes, I think I caught the bug from my mom too.

  2. Thank you for inviting me to participate! And I remembered the Vata tea you were talking about, isn't that part of an Ayurvedic tradition? My mom is into that, haha. It's cool how our mom's got us into tea!