Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fairytale Fun in the Forest

Once upon a time,

I am a girl from the forest.  

I live in a small cottage near the woods
& do all the household chores

After three weeks of weary woodworking, 
I grew tired of chores and wandered into the forest...

Under the tree, shaking silver on me...

A fairy godmother appeared to be

Suddenly, my old rags turned into a ball gown 
through the magic of gratitude...

a simple dress will always do, 
wear your heart on your sleeve
and a smile on your face

I look down to see a pair of magic shoes, glittery glass slippers...

The fairy godmother said to me 

"Finish these chores as quickly as possible, 

and you shall have fairytale fun."  

I scrambled like a squirrel to clean the cottage 
and my wish was granted:

a trip to the theater to see Disney's Cinderella!

Of course, I was on a deadline.  I had to make the 7 o'clock show,,,

As I waited and waited...

Finally a pumpkin carriage arrived to take me through the woods!

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