Friday, December 18, 2015

A Year Walk in the Woods

Year Walk by Simogo is a video game for IOS and Wii U that I recently had the pleasure of playing.  Although I would describe it as more of an experience than a game.  It was a rainy day in a big brown armchair with coffee and candles when I sat down to play...

The game is a point and click adventure through a Swedish forest as you embark on a 'Year Walk' - an ancient pagan tradition that was like a vision quest taken on new year's eve.  As you read the encyclopedia, unlock clues and go deeper in the woods, the story really takes a turn...

 The graphics in this game are really beautiful and reminiscent of Gail Carson Levine's illustrations in Wildwood...the typography of the title reminded me of the album cover by the Decemberists Hazards of Love so on my second play through I listened to the album as I beat the game and it really did go well with the story in my mind.  

I got so into the game I went to Simogo's website to learn more about their other projects such as Bedtime Stories for Awful Children, a free ebook based on the monsters in Year Walk!  Everything they do inspired me so much I started working on a small game of my own with great art that I will release soon!  Until then, enjoy Year Walk as much as I did!

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