Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Be a Fairy

"Tis their forms are tiny, yet
all human ills they can subdue or
with a wand or amulet can win a maiden's heart for you
and many a blessing know how to stew to
make wedlock bright give honor to the dainty crew. 
The Pixies are abroad tonight..."
-Fairy folk poem

Oh, to be a free-flying faery in the woodland merry! It doesn't just have to be a fantasy, anyone can live the lifestyle. Put on a pair of wings and a sprinkle of fairy dust, follow these tips and you'll be pixie perfect in no time...

Wear fairy wings all the time! (Even when sleeping)
Live outdoors.  It could be at the park, your backyard or go camping.
Leave trails of pixie dust everywhere......
Go on quests to explore your world!
Eat organic fruits that you pick from trees.
Inspire others around you to believe in the unbelievable!
Gather herbs to make teas and pixie potions.
Find your fairy spirit guide...
Play pranks for good.
Dress in flowing fabrics, bright colors, silks and vintage slips.
Leave glamourbombs in parks.
Climb trees.
Make a leaf journal to record your fairy life in...
Wear a crown of flowers.
Do yoga!
Be dreamy and mysterious...
Eat fairy foods: seven berry salad, mushrooms, acorn cookies, honey cakes, wine.
Collect lost things to make into new gadgets!
Make charms of rowan & flowers.
Help heal the earth- recycle!
Find your fairy talent: Tinker, Light, Water, Animal, Flower, Art...?
Search for fairies in the gardens...
Float, don't walk and
Skip down the street...
Use your inner magic to channel good vibes for the world.
Make everything you need from fallen leaves & flower petals.
Legend has it, if you capture a fairy they might turn you in tone too!
Just remember:  All you need is fairth, trust & pixie dust!

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