Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The End of the Forest?

Well, friends of the forest, you knew this day would come someday.  I'm leaving the forest.  There's just no point in trying for six years when no one ever comments on this blog.  I think I'll give up the green lifestyle, go find a real job, trade in the bike for a new car payment and go live in the city.  In fact, that's what I'll call my next blog "The City".  I will blog about everything but the boring old forest.  Don't cry critters, it's just the natural progression of life.  This song by Rasptuina sums up how I feel:

"The scene wasn't what it used to be
the scene is never what it used to be
so that's how we quit the forest..."

Bye-bye, forest friends!  Forever...


  1. Oh, wow... you had me! I almost started to cry halfway through your post. Then I suddenly realized you're playing an April Fool's joke on us. Very clever.

    I would cry if you stopped blogging, btw.

  2. Empress Mess ♥♥April 2, 2014 at 6:41 PM

    At least you got the chance to throw Rasputina in there!