Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Words of Wisdom: When Trees Fall...

Time for words of wisdom wednesday!  I had a great craft tutorial lined up for today, however, plans fell through when the technique didn't turn out so well.  I need to fix it up by tomorrow.  It's easy to feel like a forest failure at times like these.  That's why I try to remind myself that the forest is a wild, natural place that has it's own cycle.  When a tree falls in the forest, just let it fall...

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  1. Exactly, and there's always tomorrow;)

    Thanks for your comments and the mention in your post!
    I was excited to hear you enjoyed the Faire Folk trilogy so much. I've been loving it too, though I have to admit that I'm waiting with buying the 2nd book until the 1st is done so I'm absolutely sure I would like to read the rest. I'm pretty sure I would though! Especially after reading you loved the rest too.
    Like you I didn't really like Keelie's attitude. Living on a fair like that would be awesome and I wouldn't complain about it either.
    But other than that I am really enjoying it, the story, the atmosphere, the setting, the animals. Ah<3

    Did you ever get round to reading the 2nd trilogy? If so, was it good as well?